opportunities for youths in trouble with the law... and prevention for those at risk 


"Presenting opportunities for young lives to mature to live responsibly, valuing their community and appreciating life."






The possible consideration of a court review for reduced probation time and the possiblity of a restricted work or schooling licence.  That determination is strictly a decision of the courts, and we have no guarantee of their determination of that possiblity.  However, we would advocate on the participant's behalf and provide the court officials a report of the individual's conduct, attitude, and responses in the program. 

  • The reward for those on probation and the indivudal who best responds to the rules and assignments during the six months of DRAG SCHOOL BOOT CAMP is our commitment to pay all or a portion of their PENNDOT or court fines.  

  • The reward for those not on probation with a valid licence, will earn an opportunity to race one of our police volunteers for a cash reward from $500 to $2000.  That amount depends on the number in the program and sponsors.  However, they must follows the same rules as those on probation.

Here's a brief history of the developement of the National Drag School Youth Projects Inc.   The first and only program of its kind in America for at risk youths and those on probation. A 501c3 volunteer organization

The concept of our several youth programs began in 1968 in the halls of Thomas A DeVilbiss High School in Toledo, Ohio.  

A 16-year old student was the target of a host of bullies, even at home.  A few teachers pointed him to the high school library.  It was there he found inspiration to his situation in reading about the lives of teenagers who fought in America's wars and survived other challenging, even horrific situations.   Today, looking back, the grown 16-year old would dearly thank those who targeted him.  Those negative experiences were the best education, not to be found in a college classroom. 

Yes, you can change a life in two weeks

After high school the founder joined the US Navy and briefly spent time aboard USS HENLEY, a destroyer in Norfolk.  He was 17-years old.  

It was during his short time on the HENLEY that he was tested by his Navy chief to stand-up for himself and pursue his goals.  A lesson he never forgot.  It was confirmation that a troubled young life can be redirected onto a postive path in short order when they stop feeling sorry for themselves and understand the trials others have faced.  It is empowering and motivating. 

A desire to help young lives on a bad path

What was, in part, a negative expereince in high school, and a test of character in the Navy,  became a positive strength to overcome his challenges in life.  It was something he thought he could pass on in 1976 when he began to lay the ground work for creating one of America's most effective youth programs. 

In 2004 the Community Street to Strip Program was created, followed by the Drag School Program in 2006.  Both programs addressed youthful reckless behavior, including street racing, drug abuse, DUI and so forth.  Community Street to Strip focused on at risk youths, while the Drag School Program was directed at youths on county probation for offenses, including the cause of a fatality.  

Creating a program of opportunity that works 

Now, after nearly five decades of experimentation, development and practice, both our successful programs, Drag School and Community Street to Strip,  have been combined into one.  It is the first program of its kind in America.  This May 2023 youths from six counties in the capitol region of Pennsylvania will have opportunity to enter a six month program known as the ...